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Pastels Clothes Objects: abecedarian

Pastels. Clothes. Objects.

An experimental book design project that deals with chance and the english alphabet.



The binding of this book is accordion style printed on linen paper hardcovers. The colors are a soft pink and purple paired with a deeper, darker purple, all pastel. The only other color used in the book is the white of the lien paper, no other colors including black were used.  The theme of the book is an abecedarian with each letter form made out of various clothes and objects that you can find at any thrift, hardware, or conventional store.  


Feature: cover 

Made to showcase the textiles used throughout the book the cover is consisted of different items of clothing. Together they form a landscape like quality, and show how the colors will be utilized in the formations of the letter forms. 


Feature: Foreword 

The fonts chosen are a pairing of a high contrast between Bungee, a display type, and Century Gothic, a rounded and modern sans serif for the body copy. 

Interior Shot_i and j.jpg
w and x.jpg