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McKay Otto/Ever: Catalog

Catalog for Texas Artist McKay Otto

McKay Otto/Ever

Catalog design for Texas based artist McKay Otto. McKay is an abstract painter and sculpter who pushes the boundaries
of light and art and how we perceive the material world.


Feature 1: Cover

The idea behind the cover was to make the viewer really think about what they are seeing. By using a portion of McKay's "Pivot" sculptures the already abstracted form was pushed further to create a other worldly form.  


Feature 3 & 4: Table of contents & "edge" paintings chapter opener 

Throughout the catalog Avenir was used for headers and artwork information while Century Gothic was used as body text. These two typefaces where chosen to compliment the sleek and contemporary nature of McKay's artwork. The body text is justified as to mimic the full bleed images contained in the catalog as well as to give it the feeling and shape of a painting. 


feature 5: Spread of "Edge" painting in light n dark (day & night)

Above is a full bleed spread of an "Edge" painting. McKay uses glow in the dark paint to further his exploration of how light can effect art. Each artwork that contains glow paint has two images, one in the day light and one in the dark to show the two sides of each piece. 


Feature 6: Spread of "ever kiss ever" paintings 

feature 7: detail 


feature 8: Chapter start to "Come as" sculptures


feature 9: Chapter start to "Pivot" sculptures


feature 10: end of Otto's cv and credits page 

All photographs and book design by myself, Nathan Sing