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Texas Open at La Cantera: Newspaper

Newspaper design for La Cantera Golf Club in San Antonio, TX.

Texas Open: La Cantera Golf Club & Resort

An experimental, tabloid sized newspaper publication for La Cantera Golf Club & Resort located in San Antonio, Texas. The newspaper's content is about the Texas Open golf tournament when it was held at La Cantera from 1995- 2009.


The texas open at la cantera: newspaper Cover spread

This project was made to showcase La Cantera Golf Club & Resort in San Antonio Texas while the Texas Open was held there between 1995 and 2009. During that time frame there were a total of 15 winners, some one time champions and others who won several times.

The main spread highlights each winner and which year they won. Stats also accompany them in the form of footnotes at the bottom of the inside spread. All of the organic shapes represent the general shape of holes 1 through 15 of the golf course. The addition of hole number 16 was added on the back to accompany Arnold Palmer's name on the back page of the newspaper. The shape of the practice putting green was also added to tie in the cover with the rest of the newspaper. 

front page_connected.jpg

The colors chosen for this newspaper are meant to represent the overall color scheme of a typical Texas golf course. A brilliant and vibrant green paired with a shaded yellow to represent the native grass found all over the Texas landscape. 

The serif display font was picked for its organic shapes and its editorial style. The body copy is a modern san serif that when scaled down is still readable, which is crucial due to the large amount of the newspaper being set in 10pt or 8pt font.  


Grid plays an important role through out the newspaper. Throughout the entire process, figuring out the main spread was the key to figuring out how the rest of the paper would work. With each shape being a generalization of holes 1-15 it was important to remember how each of these holes worked together in real life. Inspiration was found by looking at score cards and overview photos of the golf course and others similar to it. The foot notes at the bottom of the main spread correlate with each name and year on each of the holes shown. They contain important and interesting facts about each players victory that year. 


The back page of the newspaper consists of small interviews conducted through twitter with two professional golfers Justin Leonard and Zach Johnson. These two golfers are apart of the multiple wins club along side Arnold Palmer. They were asked simple questions about their experience at La Cantera.