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Ellsworth Kelly: Retrospective

Ellsworth Kelly: Retrospective

This publication is about the Modernist American Painter, Ellsworth Kelly. The book follows along with his life and career and how it transformed over time, creating a visual timeline of his work. Each chapter talks about some of his more influential and noteworthy artwork throughout each decade starting in the 1950s and ending in 2010s.

front cover_landscape.jpg

Feature 1: Cover

Constantly experimenting and innovating Kelly utilized shaped canvases. This cover is meant to showcase that aspect of his work. This also adds a modern element to the book that ties back into the Modernist Movement that Kelly was apart of. The shape contains the title of the publication and continues around to the back cover. 


Feature 2: Foreword 

Known for his unique color pallete , these colors will encompass the entire book through headlines, titles, and body copy. White space is an important element in this book. Set up similarly to a gallery the layout gives Kelly's artworks room to breathe and allows most of the book's copy to read as if it were wall text.  


Feature 3: Full bleed image of ellsworth kelly 

The book is perfect bound with the exception of the divider pages between each chapter. These pages are french folded and are perforated. Readers are able to tear out these pages which contain a mini poster of one of Kelly's most famous artworks of that decade. When intact the pages also serve as an easy way to quickly thumb to different chapters. 


feature 4: detail shot of 50's french folded poster


feature 5: detail shot of 60's french folded divider page