Publication & Visual Design

Fresh 2 Design

Art Direction and rebrand project of Fresh 2 Design in Austin, TX


fresh 2 design: Art Direction & Re-brand

fresh 2 design is a non-profit organization that brings creatives together in the local community. It started in Austin, Texas and is branching out to other cities such as Dallas, Texas and Portland, Oregon. 



note: This project was done collaboratively. The design team consists of Stephanie Cloyd, Luis Nava, & Nathan Sing.  Each touch point will have a note next to it marking which designer did that particular touch point.


presentation put together by stephanie cloyd 

Asset 1.png

Our tagline sums up what we’re all about. We’re all about design and getting to know each other. We’re here to help each other get from point A to point B while growing as a community. Once we’re finished, we do it all over again.


logo concept by entire team. logo EXECUTION done by luis nava  


The typeface used for the logo is Proxima Extra Bold. Its bubbly and playful quality compliments our CMYK color scheme.


Our colors are bright, bold and fun, just like our community. We take it back to the foundation: CMYK. Other colors can lead back to some mixture of these four process colors. Just like our colors, our community is extremely diverse, but we are all connected by our eagerness to find creative solutions to any problem.


Our typeface is fun and geometric, similar to the simple shapes used in our logo. Avenir Medium is used for headlines, Avenir Book is used for body copy and Avenir Black is used for statements as well as subheads.


There will be a different version of the logo unique to what city it is being displayed in. The name of the city will be placed underneath the trademark next to our name. The logo can also be paired with our tagline giving a landscape option.


website design by Luis Nava


Our website is a place for our members and non members to learn about upcoming events and see what we have planned for the next month. This will also be a resource for anyone to navigate to our other social media platforms and to stay connected. Our website is a simple one page scroll site, so nothing is hard to find.


facebook concept by entire team. mock up by luis nava 


This will be a short video that will be posted on Facebook right before an upcoming studio tour . This small virtual tour gives our members
a chance to see what we have in store for them and what they can expect. This is also a great way to get everyone excited about upcoming events and hopefully get more people to join us on our studio adventure!

We want everyone to have fun designing and experience the least amount of frustration when working. That’s why f2d will post short videos with tips that can be used to make the design process faster and easier. This is a great way to inform and help everyone learn about the awesome things that they can do when designing!

Event recap
We will also use Facebook for event recaps. After each event, such as a Happy Hour, we will post a short video of edited clips from the past event. This is a way for others to experience the event and see how much fun we have so they will hopefully want to join us for our next event.


concept by entire team. mock up by nathan sing


fresh2you is a live instagram story that will last for around 15 minutes. During each fresh2you, we will have a designer ready to talk and answer questions. Members can type their questions to the speaker and get an answer right away. It will be a live Q&A.

fresh design of the week
Each week, we will showcase a fresh design highlighting one of our members. This is a great way to make everyone feel like they are a part of fresh2design and for others to see what their peers have been up to.


illustrations and mock ups by nathan sing 


These fun geofilters can be used for your snapchat story when you are at an f2d event. This is a great way to let people know what event you are attending and makes your snaps more fun!


name tags by stephanie cloyd


stickers by nathan sing 


Our name tags are made for you to draw in and design your own name. The lanyards are color coded to identify different postions, making it easy to spot who is who at any event.


event signage by stephanie cloyd 


White boards will be used for event signage. They are reusable, portable, and easy to change based on the current event.
The boards will come with markers in our CMYK colors to stay on brand to be bright and welcoming!


poster by nathan sing 


Our posters will be simplistic in design and can be used as event signage or signage around town. They are mainly used for directing people to our website and social media outlets.